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Stockport: The Coolest Corner of the Country

It’s known as one of the trendiest spots in the whole country, charming countryside haven, with its buzzing bar and restaurant hub gaining major props.

A Touch of “Little Berlin” in Stockport

A somewhat underrated British town, just a short 10-minute ride from the heart of Manchester, has suddenly become so hip that it’s earned the nickname “little Berlin”.

The Underbanks: Stockport’s Stylish Hub

Stockport is now flaunting a flourishing bar and restaurant scene, along with chic boutiques. The Underbanks area is making waves with its indie retailers and traders. For example, offering everything from vintage threads to rare mags and vinyl. In fact, locals are calling it “Stockport’s Soho”.

Retail Gems in Stockport

In the town’s array of shops, you’ll discover Still Life Story and Squound. Additionally, there are clothing emporiums such as Old Town General Stores and Emiko Studio.

Culinary Delights in Stockport

When it comes to food and drink, the spotlight falls on the much-loved Where the Light Gets In, celebrated for its dedication to seasonal and local ingredients.

A Market of Delights at The Produce Hall

Visit Stockport doesn’t just stop there. Moreover, they also give a nod to The Produce Hall, housed within a 160-year-old market building, offering a delectable food hall experience.

Charming Countryside Haven Culinary

Charming Countryside Haven: A Culinary Cult Favourite

Ate Days a Week has garnered a following for its pun-tastic menu and pies. In fact, this recognition comes from the same website that hails the town as one of the coolest spots in the country.

Stockport: The New Berlin of Britain

Stockport earned the moniker ‘new Berlin’ from DJ Luke Unabomber in 2022. Its vibrant nightlife and artsy vibe make the comparison quite clear.

A Vibrant Nightlife: Introducing the Bohemian Arts Club

The latest addition to the scene is the Bohemian Arts Club, a swanky cocktail joint spearheaded by Blossom crooner Tom Ogden.

Foodie Delights at Stockport Market’s Foodie Friday

Meanwhile, Stockport Market’s Foodie Friday has become the go-to monthly shindig for street food fanatics, offering up local fare, craft ales, and live tunes.

Revamping Vintage: The Transformation by Sophia Rosemary Barrese

In a quirky move, fashion influencer Sophia Rosemary Barrese transformed a hair salon in town into a paradise for vintage clothing enthusiasts from the swinging ’60s and ’70s.

A Thriving Independent Scene in Stockport

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, she enthused, “This area is finally receiving the attention it deserves. It’s an exhilarating time to be part of this transformation. Over the past year, we’ve seen remarkable changes in the town. Numerous chain stores are closing down, allowing more indie businesses to thrive.”

Charming Countryside Haven Stockport

Charming Countryside Haven: Witnessing Stockport’s Evolution

Furthermore, having lived in Stockport all my life, and seeing the changes, it’s exciting that there’s so much potential in that area. If we can encourage people to shop small, we can reinvent what the high street means.

A Transformative Facelift: Stockport’s Regeneration Project

Additionally, the town itself is benefitting from a £1 billion regeneration project which promises to transform its centre.

Leisure Revamp: The £45 million Complex

This includes a new £45 million leisure complex with a 10-screen Light Cinema, restaurants, and a bowling alley, according to The Sun.

Residential Rejuvenation: Repurposing the Abandoned Mill

An abandoned mill is also due to be converted into more than 250 new apartments after a £7 million Homes England funding boost.

Stockport’s renowned hatting legacy, which made it the centre of Britain’s hatting industry in the 19th century. Subsequently, propelled the town onto The Sunday Times 2022 list of the ‘best up and coming areas to invest in’.

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