England’s Top Affordable Locations

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The Top 10 Cheapest Places to Buy a House in England

Looking to invest in property in England? Red Cardinal has delved into the data to unearth England’s top affordable locations to purchase a house or flat. From the picturesque county of Durham to the vibrant city of Liverpool, discover the hidden gems where property prices won’t break the bank.

England's Top Affordable Locations

1. Shildon

Shildon, nestled in County Durham’s embrace, stands as England’s most budget-friendly area for property purchases. With an average house price of a mere £72,457, this ex-industrial town offers exceptional value for homeowners and investors alike. Conveniently connected to major cities, it presents an ideal residential retreat.

2. Sunderland

Sunderland, a thriving urban centre in the northeast. In fact, it emerges as the second most affordable location to buy property in England. With an average house price of just £75,082, this commercial hub boasts the presence of major businesses and a growing student population. Specifically, fostering a dynamic real estate market.

3. Middlesbrough

With an average house price of £77,090, Middlesbrough, situated on Teesside, represents an attractive prospect for property buyers. Despite its industrial history, it is now experiencing a renaissance, with a burgeoning digital sector and plans for revitalization, making it a promising investment opportunity.

4. Peterlee

Packed with value, Peterlee, a well-established town in County Durham, offers an average house price of £84,606. Moreover, with a rich history of development and regeneration, it presents an array of property investment possibilities, starting from a modest £40,000.

5. Stanley

Amidst the scenic landscapes of County Durham, Stanley stands out as an affordable residential haven with an average house price of £96,587. Formerly a mining town, it now attracts those seeking a peaceful retreat within easy reach of bustling urban centres.

6. Ashington

In the heart of Northumberland, Ashington, with an average house price of £109,943, promises a perfect blend of affordability and accessibility. Anticipated improvements in transportation infrastructure further enhance its appeal, making it an enticing prospect for potential homeowners.

7. Ferryhill

Nestled in County Durham, Ferryhill, with an average property price of £111,527. In fact, the town presents an opportunity for affordable living in a well-connected, residential community. As a result, with its strategic location and reasonable pricing, it stands as an attractive option for those looking to settle in the northeast.

8. Blackpool

Famed for its seaside charm, Blackpool offers more than just picturesque views. In fact, with an average house price of £111,562, this town boasts a diverse range of attractions and ongoing regeneration. Subsequently, making it an alluring prospect for investors seeking both residential and commercial opportunities.

9. Bradford

As one of England’s major metropolitan areas, Bradford offers an attractive property market, with an average house price of £115,633. Specifically, home to diverse industries and a thriving student population, it presents a blend of commercial vibrancy and residential affordability.

10. Liverpool

Liverpool, famed for its cultural heritage and lively cityscape, provides an affordable property market. The average house prices hover around £116,300 in specific areas. In other words, its vibrant economy and history make it a compelling choice for residents and investors alike.

Additionally, for those seeking budget-friendly investments, these ten locations in England offer a promising mix of affordability, convenience, and potential for growth. All in all, making them an ideal choice for those looking to step into the property market.

England's Top Affordable Locations

The Most Affordable Places in England

Wondering where to find budget-friendly property in England? Of course, Red Cardinal has uncovered the top ten most economical areas to purchase a house or flat. In fact, skip the pricey options in London and explore the hidden gems in the northeast and northwest regions of England.

Based on our comprehensive analysis, here’s a roundup of England’s top affordable locations, listed in alphabetical order: Ashington, Blackpool, Bradford, Ferryhill, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Peterlee, Shildon, Stanley, and Sunderland.

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