Stockport: The Rising Tech Hub

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The Next Silicon Valley of the UK?

In the eyes of insiders, Stockport is poised to become the UK’s very own Silicon Valley, a thriving technology hub. With its revamped town centre and excellent transport connections to Manchester and London, the council is actively encouraging tech firms to consider this area for their operations.

Stockport is currently experiencing a rapid transformation, making it an attractive prospect for businesses in the tech sector. The town’s recent developments and upgrades are laying the foundation for a bustling hub of innovation and economic growth.

Embracing the Digital Age

The council is keen on ensuring that Stockport’s residents are equipped with the necessary digital skills to thrive in this evolving landscape. With the rise of digital tools and platforms, there are countless opportunities for innovation, entrepreneurship, and furthermore collaboration within the town.

Councillor Jilly Julian, the town hall’s cabinet member for finance and resources, stated: “Stockport is embracing change, and the digital revolution is at the heart of it. We are encouraging businesses to be a part of this exciting journey as we shape Stockport into a leading tech destination in the UK.”

Attracting Tech Companies

There’s a clear opportunity for Stockport to become a hub for data and tech companies, and it’s all about creating the right environment for them to thrive. Overall, this is where the council steps in.

Tech companies are already showing interest in Stockport and its skilled workforce. Kao Data, for example, has plans to build the largest data centre in northern England right here in Stockport. This move could pave the way for both tech startups and industry giants to make their mark in the area.

Kao Data’s Vision

Spencer Lamb, representing Kao Data, recently shared with councillors that Reddish was chosen after an extensive two-year research process. The decision was based on the abundance of opportunities and the talented workforce in the area and across Greater Manchester.

Economic Boost and Future Prospects

If the plans go ahead, the development could inject millions into the local economy. Moreover, it has the potential to play a significant role in shaping the future of sectors like artificial intelligence, according to Mr. Lamb’s insights.

With the right conditions and investments, Stockport could indeed become a thriving centre for data and technology companies, offering opportunities for growth and innovation for years to come.

Silicon Valley Stockport

Bridging the Digital Divide in Stockport

Efforts are underway to ensure that Stockport and Greater Manchester residents are not left behind when it comes to digital opportunities.

Addressing Digital Exclusion

Data from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority reveals that one in three households in the region faces some level of digital exclusion. Additionally, 14 percent of Stockport residents have someone in their household who lacks confidence in using online services.

The DigiKnow Programme

Stockport’s DigiKnow programme is taking steps to tackle this issue head-on. The initiative offers assistance to help people get online while also enhancing and developing digital skills.

Silicon Valley: Raising Awareness and Collaboration

An event held at the end of February aimed to raise awareness of the DigiKnow programme. For example the goal was to encourage various sectors and businesses to join forces in supporting this vital initiative.

Councillor Julian emphasised the importance of such schemes, highlighting the risks associated with missing out on future job opportunities. She stated, “These skills are crucial in everything from researching health information to securing higher-paying jobs. Digital literacy is indispensable and in fact can make a significant impact.”

Narrowing Disparities and Building a Better Future

The digital divide can lead to inequalities in education, job opportunities, healthcare access, and civic engagement. Councillor Julian expressed concerns about how lacking these skills can hinder individuals from accessing opportunities and improving their lives.

She added, “Retraining is also vital. Many adults over 50 who have worked in specific industries might feel lost when transitioning. It’s crucial to provide support and resources to help them adapt and continue learning.”

In summary, by focusing on initiatives like the DigiKnow programme, Stockport aims to create a more inclusive and digitally proficient community, ensuring that everyone has the chance to thrive in the digital age.

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